School Pick Up/Drop Off

Our parking lot is designated for staff parking only. We also need to keep the area in front of the main doors clear at all times for emergency and handicapped parking.

We ask that you do not drive into the parking lot (even to drop off or pick up) at any time during the day, as this creates congestion all the way out onto Dickens Drive. We have had near misses with children dashing through the lot to get to their parents vehicles.

Areas that you may park in:

  • On Dickens Drive in front of the school.
  • In the bus loop parking stalls (please use the stalls and do not park on the side where the busses need to stop as they cannot go around your vehicle)
  • The Church parking lot across the road (please encourage your children to cross at the crosswalk intersection by the store)

Thank you for keeping SMP a safe school!